South Africa has just been voted the best safari experience in Africa at the 2019 the Safari Awards Africa. Lalibela is proud to be a part of this beautiful country and share the magic of safari with visitors to South Africa. For adults, safari at Lalibela is the chance to reconnect with nature, witness spectacular wildlife, enjoy delicious food and unwind. But for children, their first safari has the potential to become a favourite childhood memory, a life-changing experience of being immersed in nature and learning about new animals and plants.

Lalibela welcomes the opportunity to share our safari experience with the little ones. It’s how we maintain our childhood wonder for Africa and remember the importance of having fun. Here are our top five reasons to bring your children on safari in South Africa:

1. It’s Malaria-Free

Besides the Big Five, other fantastic wildlife and a spectacular diversity of flora, South Africa is one of the only places to offer malaria-free safaris. Being located in the Eastern Cape, Lalibela is a malaria-free game reserve which makes it safe for you and your little ones.

2. Sensory Safaris

Lalibela has designed a game drive specifically for children. The wonderful thing about your first safari is experiencing something completely new. Our children’s game drive provides a sensory safari that introduces children to the wonders of Africa through sights, smells, sounds, feel and taste.  The Big Five, although spectacular, can be intimidating to younger children. Our children’s game drive sticks to the main road and allows the opportunity to witness big game from afar but focuses on the gentler wildlife.

3. Family-Friendly Accommodation

Mark’s Camp at Lalibela is designed to provide the perfect family safari experience. With a relaxed Pan-African style and private viewing decks, it’s ideal for immersing yourself in the beauty of the South African bush. Two pools, an outdoor dining area and an incredible view of a waterhole, means children can enjoy the fun of swimming under the African sun and eating alfresco at the fireside, all while seeing antelope, giraffe and elephant.

4. Unwind Time for Parents

Our children’s programme runs separately to the adults. Your little ones will have child-friendly meals and game drives and be kept busy in between with fun activities that enrich their safari experience with African-themed crafts.

5. An Introduction to Conservation

Lalibela is a conservation project, our passion lies in conserving our indigenous flora and fauna. We want to conserve the essence of South Africa so that we can continue sharing it with the rest of the world. By brining your children on safari to Lalibela you are sharing with them the importance of looking after our planet and its incredible wildlife. By experiencing a safari, it may spark in them a love for sustainability and wildlife. You never know, you could have the next Sir David Attenborough or Jane Goodall on your hands!

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