For many of us, there’s a lot of worry about capturing that perfect shot when you’re out on a game drive. You want to make sure you get the perfect picture of that lion to show your family and friends back home, or upload to your Facebook account. But, not all of us are great photographers, and there’s no need to splurge on an expensive camera because you think you need it for safari.

In fact, here are a few reasons why you don’t need to take photographs on a safari:

1. Other people will.

It is a guarantee that other people on your game drive will snap away throughout. Perhaps assign one person in your group to be the designated photographer and then exchange photos when you’re back home. Otherwise, if no one wants to take pictures, almost all of our rangers are wildlife photography enthusiasts and will be snapping beautiful shots at every chance.

2. It’s more immersive.

It sounds cheesy but it’s true – seeing a lion or an elephant in the wild is so much more special when it isn’t through a camera lens. It doesn’t mean you can’t take a quick shot with your phone, but if you just enjoy the moment, chances are it will become a special memory that doesn’t need a photographic reminder.

3. There are some things you can’t capture

There are moments on a game drive that a camera will never do justice to, or that it just won’t be able to capture. A photograph doesn’t show a lion’s mane rippling in the wind, mimicking the surrounding grass. It doesn’t capture how, if you close your eyes, grazing buffalo sound like a crackling fire. It doesn’t show you slowly start feeling the day get warmer as the sun starts to rise. It doesn’t capture how you feel when you see a baby elephant or a her of rhino for the first time.

We suppose there’s no reason for this blog other than to say, don’t worry if you miss the perfect shot, because a picture never really captures the true magic of a safari.