‘Conservation for conservation sake’ is the driving force behind everything we do here at Lalibela. A part of conservation, that we believe to be crucial, is supporting and uplifting the local community. The people surrounding Lalibela are integral in making us who we are, and we want to ensure that they benefit from what we do. When you book with us, a conservation levy is included in your rates. This is paid to the Lalibela Foundation which contributes to our conservation efforts on the reserve as well as the community outreach programmes run by the reserve. Some of these programmes include running the local clinic, sports development at the local school, up-skilling initiatives for adults in the community, community enrichment for the seniors and elders of the community. We are excited to announce that guests can now contribute more personally to the Lalibela Community. With the launch of our new Pack with a Purpose initiative and Community Outreach platform, guests can learn about what we are doing in the local community and discover how they can contribute. Our Pack with a Purpose list shares what items are needed by the community so that if guests are looking to be involved in the local community, they are aware of the items that will make the most difference.

Of course, there is no-obligation to make any donations, the aim is to create a platform that deepens the connections between Lalibela, our guests and our community.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the initiative, visit our Community Outreach platform here. 

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