The thought of going on safari in winter seems counterproductive. Safari is often synonymous with golden sun and hot days. But there are a lot of advantages to going on safari to South Africa in winter. We’ve put together a few reasons why it’s worth doing a winter safari.

1. Peace & Quiet

One of the best things about going on safari in winter is the fact that there are fewer travellers. Because most visitors come in the summer, a visit in winter means less guests and a much more intimate and exclusive feeling to your safari experience.

2. Wonderful Sightings

Hot summer days usually result in animals taking shelter in the shade of trees and bushes. This makes them harder to spot. In winter, the animals are looking for patches of sun to stay warm. This makes them a lot easier to spot and means higher chances of seeing a pride of sunbathing lions.

3. Mild Weather

Especially here in the Eastern Cape, our winter weather is really not bad – we definitely aren’t on the same level as Europe! In fact, some of our best weather is in May and June when the skies are blue and the sun warm but not heat-rash inducing. The mornings and evenings do get very cold but with the right warm clothing and the hot water bottles we provide, there’s nothing to worry about! And we’re prepared, you’ll be greeted back at your lodge after every game drive with a warm cloth to warm your hands and a hot drink to warm you up.

4. Infinite Hot Chocolate

Visiting Lalibela in winter means we want to feed you – we have a strong ‘full tummies equal happy guests’ policy. The best part about a winter safari visit is the food – delicious soups, hearty stews and hot, baked South African desserts. Not to mention the hot chocolate, which is always on hand and the perfect end to an evening game drive.

5. A Unique Experience

It’s a completely different way of experiencing the bush. At Lalibela, winter is our green season which means you get to enjoy the landscape in all its glory. The bush in winter is also extremely beautiful – it’s striking and seems quieter as everything settles down after the hot summer. It’s a peaceful and beautiful way to experience the African bush.

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