Regard or Peter, our senior ranger, is one of our most passionate rangers. He will talk to with enthusiasm about anything from the wildflowers to wildlife to microwave popcorn (of which he is a big fan).


1. Did you always want to be a game ranger?

To be a ranger, you need to be quite an interesting person – you need to be a mix of an animal lover and a people lover – which is quite rare. But I like to talk, and I love animals, so I guess there was no other option!


2. What is your spirit animal? 

The warthog because it has weird mutton chops like me. It’s tiny but tenacious and proud!


3. And your favourite animal?

I love the tortoise! They avoid confrontation, and they’re homebodies, just like me.


4. Do you have any other passions?

I could talk about music for hours. I love music, old rock ‘n roll from the sixties and seventies, and the classic blues like Ray Charles. My favourite guests are usually older men from the United Kingdom because we have the same taste in music!

I also love flowers. I want to write a book about them. I love gazanias.


5. What’s the best part about working at Lalibela?

They look after us here. We’re like family. I said the other day that if I got married tomorrow, they are the only people that would be there.

“For me, this job is about quietness and connection. With the bush, with the guests and with

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