As we mentioned in our first post where we shared easy tips for helping the planet, conservation does not have to be one big drastic measure. In fact, it’s the small changes every day that make the biggest difference in the long run. So here are five easy ways to help protect and conserve wildlife.

1.  Clean Up

Something as simple as picking up a piece of litter is enough to make a big difference to wildlife conservation. Every piece of litter that gets picked up prevents the possible harming of an animal.

2. Save the Bees

The bees, though small, are crucial to keeping our planet alive and happy.  You can help save our bees by planting bee-friendly plants, avoiding use of harmful pesticides and herbicides, buying locally sourced honey products, and if you don’t mind a few weeds – letting your garden grow wild.

3. Save Energy

Try switching out light bulbs for more energy-efficient ones and turning off lights when you aren’t using them. If you have the option, use public transport or walk instead of driving. A long-term investment, that is more expensive to begin with but extremely sustainable in the long run, is switching to solar panels as your source of electricity.

4. Go on Intentional Vacations / Holidays

Think about where you go on vacation or holiday. Visiting national parks or conservation sites is a great way to combine a trip away with a contribution to conservation efforts. Supporting a community or a destination that supports wildlife conservation is key to helping them continue with these efforts to preserve our wonderful planet and her wildlife.

5. Shop Souvenirs Carefully 

When going on vacation or holiday be conscious about the souvenirs you purchase. Try and buy souvenirs that contribute to local communities or conservation causes. Look for mementos that make a positive difference!