Last, but not least, in our Big Five blog series is the leopard. Famed for being one of Africa’s most elusive animals, a sighting of this spotted Big Cat is incredibly special. Here are our favourite facts about the leopard.

1. More than Meets the Eye

The leopard, though regarded as the most seldom seen of the Big Cats, is actually the most widely distributed throughout Africa. From savannah and desert to mountains and forests, the leopard is found in a variety of habitats – including the outskirts of big cities like Nairobi and Harare.

2. No Dietary Requirements

The leopard is not a picky eater. In fact, it will eat almost any animal it is able to hunt, including baboons, antelope, monkeys, rodents, porcupines. Even more unexpected dietary preferences are fish, insects, birds, and reptiles.

3. Super Senses

The leopard has adapted retinas which means it can see seven times better in the dark than us humans. They can also hear up to five times more sounds than the human ear. This is what makes them such exceptional hunters.

4. Flower Power

The dark spots on the leopard’s coat are called ‘rosettes’. This is because when you examine them closely their shape resembles a rose.

5. Calls of the Wild

The leopard is often referred to as a silent cat. In comparison the rather vocal lion, this is fair. However, leopards make a variety of distinctive sounds and calls. A male will make a raspy cough when announcing his presence to another leopard, they purr when happy and growl when angry.

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