We admit that this is a rather unusual blog title, but it is a rather heart-warming blog. As we’ve mentioned, we run a number of community outreach programmes, where we contribute to the upliftment of our local communities.

One of these is “Sewing Heaven”. This is our sewing group, run by Charmain, our Community Outreach Manager and headed up by Sabelo Bill. Sabelo is a qualified fashion designer who has trained men from the local communities into extremely capable and talented tailors.

The beautifully coloured and tailored shirts you may have seen the bartenders wearing, were in fact designed and sewed by this sewing group.

We thought each barman deserved to wear something more fun, it seemed a fitting complement to the delicious cocktails they serve. So, we passed the brief along to Sewing Heaven and were met with these incredible designs.

Each bartender received a shirt with a unique design in traditional African fabric. All beautifully made and beautifully designed. In fact, the staff were so overwhelmed with the results, that most of our female lodge managers have had sundresses made.

Not only are the sewing group responsible for the bartenders’ shirts but also the serviettes at dinner, and the bags, placemats and beadwork in our gift shop.

Sewing Heaven’s current project is exceptionally innovative. Using the old bed sheets from Lalibela, they are sewing school shirts for the students of the local school. Charmain is planning on presenting each school child with a new shirt for the school year.

We are extremely proud of and grateful towards Sewing Heaven for providing us with their incredible designs and bringing a little bit more flair to Lalibela!

To find out more about our community outreach programmes, click here.