For many of our rangers, one of the reasons they love their job is because no two days are the same – every day is different or unexpected in some way. However, we spoke to our senior ranger to see what the average day is like for one of our rangers. At first he wasn’t much help:

“I don’t even plan two days in advance because I know that there’s no point!”

But with a bit of encouragement, we managed to sneak a peek into the daily life of a game ranger:


Wake up.

“It’s not always this early, but today I had a lot of stuff to get done!”


Wake up guests for the early morning game drive.


Eat brunch with guests.

(“if it’s a good one!”)

10:00 – 15:00

Do daily chores.

  • Wash vehicle, refuel if necessary. Do any maintenance you need to do.
  • Have some lunch, grab a quick nap if there’s time.
  • Monitor where animals have been sighted for the next game drive.
  • Help out with transfers if needed

15:30 / 16:00

Go out on the evening game drive


Eat dinner (with guests or at home)


Bed time!

“Rise and repeat”


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